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Nestled in the breathtaking Breede River Valley Winelands, the Robertson golf course at Silwerstrand Golf and River Estate is a testament to developer Mark Brummer’s vision and perseverance. Despite facing setbacks, including delays from regulatory bodies, Brummer’s dedication saw the completion of this picturesque 18-hole course, surrounded by vineyards and orchards. Today, it stands as a prized destination, offering both challenging golf and stunning views of the Langeberg mountains.

The estate’s Riverside area boasts elevated stands with panoramic vistas of the Breede River, vineyards, and mountains, adding to its allure. Just a kilometer from Robertson, the estate encompasses 168 hectares of prime land along the riverbank, providing a tranquil retreat for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Despite its luxury amenities, Silwerstrand remains affordable, solidifying its reputation as one of the Cape’s most accessible golf estates, inviting visitors to indulge in the natural beauty of the Breede Valley region.

Below you will find information around our
Golf Course and Clubhouse.

Operating Hours

Find below the operating hours for the Pro Shop, bar and kitchen.

Please note that sponsored events may alter opening and closing hours.

Pro Shop

Monday  |  11:00 – 17:00
Tuesday |  07:30 – 17:00
Wednesday |  07:30 – 18:00
Thursday|  07:30 – 17:00
Friday|  07:30 – 17:30
Saturday|  07:00 – 18:00
Sunday|  07:30 – 16:00


Monday  |  11:00 – 19:00
Tuesday |  07:30 – 19:00
Wednesday |  07:30 – 21:00
Thursday|  07:30 – 19:00
Friday|  07:30 – 21:00
Saturday|  07:30 – 21:00
Sunday|  07:30 – 16:00


Monday  |  11:00 – 17:00
Tuesday |  07:30 – 17:00
Wednesday |  07:30 – 20:00
Thursday|  07:30 – 17:00
Friday|  07:30 – 21:00
Saturday|  07:30 – 21:00
Sunday|  07:30 – 15:00
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Orders must be placed by 20H00.

Contact Details:
Nico Drake
Cell: +27 82 450 9513
Landline: +27 23 626 1090

Clubhouse & Restaurant

Walk in The Robertson Winelands

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Membership & Fees

Green Fees & Group Fees

Green Fees

Category9 Holes18 Holes
Junior MembersR60.00R100.00
Juniors – AffiliatedR80.00R150.00
Juniors – UnaffiliatedR150.00R250.00
Students – AffiliatedR150.00R250.00
Students – UnaffiliatedR200.00R350.00
Associated RatesR250.00R450.00
Visitor RatesR390.00R700.00
SAGES / Mon – FriR180.00R290.00
Members Guest RateR200.00R330.00
Competition Fees R40.00
Levy FeeR10.00R10.00

Rentals / Driving Range

Reciprocity Rate9 Holes18 Holes
Bonnievale, Montagu, De Doorns, Swellendam, Theewaterskloof, Stilbay, Mosselbay, Metropolitan WorcesterR200.00R350.00
Golf Car Rental  9 Holes18 Holes
Corporate DaysR220.00R420.00
Driving RangeSmall BucketLarge Bucket
Tuesday, Thursday 12H00 – 18H50 
Last bucket sold 18H00  

Membership Fees & PRE-PAID PACKAGE 2024

Membership Fees

All rates include: Affiliation fees of R810

Membership TypeRates 2024
Full Members + Home Owners6600
Seniors (65 years and older)5300
Dual (Husband & Wife)12000
Mid Age Full Membership (Under 35 years of age)3700
Family (min 4) * 2 adults, 2 juniors14000
Country Members2000
Juniors (Up to 18 years of age) (Include: 20 x 9 Holes) Excludes Wednesdays & Saturday)1000
Honorary Members850

Pre-Paid Packages

Pre-Paid Packages 2024

Pre-Paid PackagesRates 2024
30 Rounds5500
15 Rounds3000

Get to know the course

The Course

This exceptional golf course, complete with modern clubhouse and pro shop, offers comfortable and affordable accommodation, making it an ideal stopover for golf tour groups exploring the Western Cape and Garden Route. Contact us for special golf packages today.

Featuring challenging holes like the par 4 tenth and par 5 twelfth, the course promises an exciting finish at the par 5 eighteenth. Notably, the cart path on the final hole crosses an old aqueduct, adding a unique touch of local history to the experience.

Beyond golf, Robertson has evolved into a vibrant town, boasting wine tasting boutiques, trendy restaurants, and art galleries. The region’s renowned Robertson Wine Valley, part of the world’s longest wine route, offers award-winning wines and a myriad of activities from leisurely river cruises to invigorating mountain hikes.


Guide to the Course

Use the arrows to move to next/previous hole.

  • PAR 5 STROKE 18

    Hole 1

    Short par 5 to start with. With your tee shot aim just right of the blue gum tree and beware of the canal on the left-hand side. Green is guarded with deep bunkers on the left & right side.




  • PAR 4 STROKE 12

    Hole 2

    This par 4 requires an accurate tee shot with out of bounds on the left and trees on the right. After a good tee shot you are left with a short iron to the green. Do not go long because of low hanging trees at the back of the green.




  • PAR 3 STROKE 16

    Hole 3

    Beautiful par 3 that plays back to the clubhouse. The river comes into play for bad tee shots and the green is guarded with a grass bank on the left and two bunkers on the right. Delicate chip shot if you miss the green.




  • PAR 4 STROKE 6

    Hole 4

  • PAR 5 STROKE 8

    Hole 5

    Par 5 with two fairway bunkers in play with the tee shot. After an accurate second shot you are left with a short iron to an elevated green. Do not miss the green to the left as it will leave you with a difficult pitch.

  • PAR 4 STROKE 10

    Hole 6

    Short par 4 with lots of space standing on the tee. Two fairway bunkers are in play for the longer hitters. Stay out of the difficult bunker front left of the green. One of the easier holes on the course.

  • PAR 3 STROKE 14

    Hole 7

    Signature par 3 with island green surrounded by water. This beautiful hole requires an accurate tee shot. If you find the water, you are still left with a challenging pitch. Playing a par is a good score.




  • PAR 4 STROKE 4

    Hole 8

    Difficult driving hole with water on the right and fairway bunkers on the left. After a good drive you are still faced with a long accurate second shot. There is a severe slope if you miss your shot to the right with bunkers left and right of the green. A par is an excellent score for this hole.




  • PAR 4 STROKE 2

    Hole 9

    One of the longer par 4’s on the course playing back to the clubhouse. After a good tee shot you are still faced with a long shot to the green, guarded with a bunker on the left. If you miss the green - smart play will be short or to the right.




  • PAR 4 STROKE 3

    Hole 10

    One of the most difficult holes on the course. Beware of the three bunkers to the right-hand side of the fairway and the dam on the left. After an accurate tee shot you are still faced with a long second shot. Do not miss the green to the left, as it will leave you with a difficult pitch



    mo rose

  • PAR 3 STROKE 13

    Hole 11

    Requires tee shot with good distance control. The pot bunker in front of the green is very much in play. Over the green leaves you with a challenging shot.





  • PAR 5 STROKE 9

    Hole 12

    A slightly uphill hole that requires an accurate tee shot to the left of the fairway bunkers. This hole is well bunkered to the right and left of the green and an accurate approached shot is required. Do no miss the green to the right or left of the green as it will leave you with a difficult pitch.

  • PAR 4 STROKE 7

    Hole 13

    A shorter hole with bunkers on the left and water on the right when you stand on the tee box. Rather miss the fairway to the left. An accurate approach shot is required because of a bunker to the left and dam to the right of the green.


    Sponsors:bon courage

  • PAR 3 STROKE 15

    Hole 14

    You are faced with a long and narrow green when standing on the tee box. Difficult pitch if you miss the green to the left or right. Playing a par on this hole is an excellent score.





  • PAR 4 STROKE 1

    Hole 15

    Long and difficult hole with lots of bunkers in play with your tee shot. Finding the fairway to set up a par is very important. Pot hole bunker in the middle of the fairway is in play for the shorter hitters. Beware of the bunker short left on the green.

  • PAR 4 STROKE 17

    Hole 16

    One of the shorter holes on the course. You do not have to use a driver off the tee because of the 4 bunkers well positioned.

    An accurate shot to an elevated green will set up an easy par or possible birdie.




  • PAR 4 STROKE 5

    Hole 17

    Difficult hole that requires an accurate tee shot. A river running across the fairway means that the driver is sometimes not the right club to use, depending on the wind. Your second shot is slightly uphill and this hole is playing one club longer than you think. This green is guarded by three bunkers and a par is an excellent score on this hole.

  • PAR 5 STROKE 11

    Hole 18

    Signature hole on the back nine with beautiful views. Bunkers and the river are in play standing on the tee box. After a good drive you are left with an accurate tee shot. Do not miss the green to the left because the dam is very much in play. Good finishing hole.



    van loveren


Rules at Robertson Golf Club inside the clubhouse and on the course!

It is our explicit aim to create a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere in the clubhouse.
Our dress code is therefore not formal, but rather smart casual.
No rugby shorts, tracksuits, vests, or beach thongs “visplakkies”, may be worn in the clubhouse. No barefoot walking in the clubhouse.
Loud and foul language is not permitted in the clubhouse or on the course.
No music can be played on the “stoep” or clubhouse by members or visitors.
Do not park in the committee’s parking space.
No pets on the golf course or clubhouse.

On the course:

Dress code – golf clothes – no t-shirts or pants without zipper;
Adhere to golf cart rules – no children without a valid driver’s license is allowed to drive a golf cart;
Golf carts are not allowed close to greens or tee boxes;
No liquor on the course during play. No liquor can be brought to the Golf Club and transported by golf carts.
Rules are there to protect all concerned and management will enforce and protect the rights of all involved to make your experience at RGC a memorable one!